Face Skin Care Device Massager Ultrasonic Cryotherapy Facial Vibration
Face Skin Care Massager Ultrasonic Cryotherapy

Face Skin Care Massager Ultrasonic Cryotherapy


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Face Skin Care Device Massager Ultrasonic Cryotherapy Facial Vibration Face Massager

Use hot and cold vibration massage function, hot and cold temperature function makes the pores expand contraction, and positive and negative photon alternately skin contraction and soothing force, the supply of adequate skin moisture and nutrition to make the skin supple and thorough. Shrink blood vessel pores,improve coarse pores. Reinforce collagenous fiber,make your skin became elastic,fade wrinkles and crow’s feet; Effectively reduce varicose veins,hazardous wastes are more likely to be purged,can help to fade and eliminate dark spots. To reduce nerve sensitivity, reduce the redness and swelling pain of the skin,especially for the sensitive skin. LED Lights. Red Light: help pore expansion promote blood circulation Promote cell viability dredging lymphatic. Blue Light rapid shrink pores to strengthen the skin elasticity to promote skin absorption help to reduce edema and rejuvenation.

Product Features:
Material: Plastic
Power Source: Rechargeable Battery
Size: 155*55*55mm
Model Number: Skin Care Tools
Manufacturing Process: Machine Made
Commodity Quality Certification: CE
Function: Skin Rejuvenation
Function: Skin Mouisture
Function: Skin Tightening
Function: Galvanic Ion +/-
Function: Facial Clean
Function: Vibration Massage
Function: Hot & Cold Massager

Package List:
1x Ultrasonic Facial Massager Hot Cold Hammer
1x Power Adapter 1x English Manual

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