Bean Bag Inflatable Folding Recliner Outdoor Sofa Bed With Pedal
Bean Bag Folding Recliner Chair Outdoor Sofa Bed
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Bean Bag Folding Recliner Chair Outdoor Sofa Bed


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Bean Bag Inflatable Folding Recliner Chair Outdoor Sofa Bed

Product Features:
Product Name: Bean bag sofa Lazy folding chair
Product Material: Environmental protection PVC + flocking
Product Style: Inflatable flocking sofa (one set)
Product Style 2: Increased backrest.
Product Volume: 25.0 cm * 23.0 cm * 6.0 cm
Product Size: 116 * 98 * 83cm
Product Weight: ≈ 2kg

Note: Bench can be purchased separately.

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Blue Round Stool, Blue Sofa Set, Coffee Round Stool, Coffee Sofa Set, Red Round Stool, Red Sofa Set