Teeth Whitening Kit With 32 LED Light Bleach

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Teeth Whitening Kit With LED Light Bleach Oral Care Hygiene

Product Features
Name: 32LED Teeth Whitening Kit
Treatment: 15 minutes with timer
Function: Accelerate Whitening,Teeth whitening LED lights
Quantity: 16 Blue LED and 16 Red LED
Application: Remove Eliminate Smoke, tea, coffee, tobacco stains
Use place: Home, salon, clinic
Color:Black, white, pink
Type:Teeth Whitening
Certification:CE, FDA, BPA Free, ROHS

Product Description
Smart wireless teeth whitening mouthpiece led light adopts special dual light technology, cold blue led light for professional whitening, blue ray reacts with professional teeth whitening gel, which can effectively remove the stains on the tooth surface. Red led light for eliminating bacteria and soothing gums, let you getting more health and comfort in the process of whitening treatment.
32-LED wireless teeth whitening mouth tray Light. No need for batteries or additional mobile phone. There is a power bank inside of light for charging. Programmed 15 Mins Timer. For a better teeth whitening effect, it’s recommended to use it 15 minutes each time. The light will be turned off automatically after 15 mins to remind you working time.

Teeth whitening light +3*2ML gels+1

Note: If you find that the teeth whitening light is flashing, it means that the light is out of power, please charger.

IPX Waterproof
Can cleaning the mouthpiece directly under water, will not easily broken if attached with water inaccidently. But please not sink into water for a long time.
Food-Grade Silicone Fits
FDA Approved Elastic food-grade silicone fits your mouth comfortably.No Worry for Toxic Material and put it into your mouth for shining white teeth without hesitation.Simple, easy and hands free.
Teeth Whitening Gel Pen
FDA CE Approved teeth whitening pen gel with aluminum shell whitens your teeth instantly. The percentage usually use 35% Carbamide Peroxide teeth whitening gel.Soft bristles will protect your teeth from harm and also can keep the daily usage volumn the same. If you need other concentrations and ingredients, you can contact us directly

How To Use
1. Rinse mouthpiece and your mouth before use.
2. Looking in the mirror or cell phone to compare your teeth with shade guide paper to record which stage you are in.
3. Twist teeth whitening pen, until the gel flows to the brush. Apply the gel evenly on your teeth, both upper and lower.Do not brush too much gel, more gel won’t give you a faster. Each time use about 0.5ml – 0.7ml. Avoid applying the gel directly on your gum or inside of your lips!it will create a burning felling This is nothing to be alarmed about as the burning felling will go away within 24 hours.Just make sure to rinse with water.
4. Put mouthpiece into your mouth and bite it, then turn on the light. Take deep breaths before treatment to decrease saliva production. (Excessive amount of saliva will dilute the gel’s concentration.)
5. The whitening device will turn off automatically after 15minutes under blue light mode (10 minutes under blue and red mode) Take it out, rinse the mouthpiece and your mouth with water and compare your teeth with shade guide paper again to see how many stages you have improved.
6. Do not eat or drink anything except water for 30 minutes after you finished the treament.

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Black, Pink, White