Eye Massager Vibration Pressure Fatigue Relief

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Eye Massager Electric Vibration Bluetooth Anti Wrinkle Vibration Massage Sleep Mask

Product Description:
There are many acupuncture points around the eyes of the person recorded in the medical book. When the eyes are frequently rubbed, blinking, sightedness, sightedness is dizzy, the eye is too tired, and the skin can be massaged around the eyes and the temples properly. Achieve the effect of dredging and relax your eyes. The eye massager is to simulate the “push-squeeze-pinch-push” massage around the eyes and the temples, and add the hot compress of the eyes to relax the eyes and cooperate with the Bluetooth music to get rid of the fatigue of the day

Product Features:
1. Gas double-layer circulation airbag massage is a simulation of acupressure points through the airbag.
2. Feel the key digital display (easy to use, smart and stylish).
3. Premium deer velvet fabric (comfortable and breathable).
4. 180 degree folding design (anytime, anywhere, easy to carry).
5. Nose design of the nose (according to ergonomics).
6. With Bluetooth design (can be connected to the phone to listen to random songs).
7. Far infrared constant temperature hot compress.
8. Multi-frequency vibration massage. Increase multi-frequency micro-shock massage, effectively provide massage effect and quickly relax eye muscles.
9. Made of high-quality materials, elastic headband, free movement (applicable to adults and children).
10. The shell is made of ABS shell material and has strong drop resistance.
11. Nine independent airbags for more precise massage (segmented airbag distribution, multi-segment bionic massage on the eye muscles).
12. About 50 multi-frequency jitters per second to soothe tired eye muscles.
13. The wireless Bluetooth connection plays music and enjoys a three-dimensional surround sound massage experience. Refused the trouble of running out of memory.
14. 12000MAH battery has a large capacity. Fully charged according to different usage conditions, can be used about 7-10 times.

Massage Modes:
One-button control mode loop. (simple design, easy operation for elderly and children)

1. Eye protection mode: (long press switch/mode key – power on) Massage function + music
2. Nursing mode: (short press on/mode key – switch) Massage function + music + hot compress function
3. Strong mode: (short press on/mode key – switch) Massage function + music + hot compress function + vibration massage
4. Refreshing mode: (press the power on/mode button to change everything) Hot compress function + music

Applicable People:
1. Primary and middle school students/myopic/people with brain overload and long-term eyewear fatigue to computer.
2. Operators/accountants/designers/secretaries/teachers. Long time driving drivers, precision instrument workers and other workers with eyes and brain.
3. Stay up late with dark circles and bags under the eyes. Those who stay up too late playing mahjong, suffer from eye fatigue/dizziness, often suffer from insomnia.

The following groups are forbidden:
Eye disease, acute disease, facial nerve pain, artificial heart and lung, etc., not suitable for this instrument.

Packing(no box):
1 x eye massager
1 x USB cable
1 x english manual
1 x Vision monitoring chart
1 x bag

Packing(with box):
1 x eye massager
1 x USB cable
1 x english manual
1 x Vision monitoring chart
1 x bag
1 x retail box

Note: If you don’t choose a box, don’t worry, we will pack it very well.

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