Baby Bath Toys Spray Water Shower Music LED Light
Baby Bath Toys Spray Water Shower LED Light
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Baby Bath Toys Spray Water Shower LED Light


1PCS radom color 36pcs Base Gray no Box Base Gray Whale Base Gray with Box Base red Ball Base white Whale Base White with Box Base Yellow Ball Gray no base no BOX Gray Whale no base gray with Box Red ball no base White no base no box white Whale no base White With Box Yellow Ball no base

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Baby Bath Toys Spray Water Shower Music LED Light

Product Description;
Induction Squirt Water Bath Toy: The cute whale baby bath toy can automatically induction spray water and flash colourful lights when you put tub toys in the water. Bath toys, spinning and floating on the water, spray water, bringing endless entertainment for baby bath, your child will enjoy every bath time.

Easy to Use: The infant tub toys powered by three AAA batteries(not included). Water toy has a automatically senses, just install the batteries, and place it on the water, it will automatically induction absorbs water from the bottom and sprays appropriate height water column. When leaves water, all effects will stops immediately. No manual operation is required.

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1PCS radom color, 36pcs, Base Gray no Box, Base Gray Whale, Base Gray with Box, Base red Ball, Base White no Box, Base white Whale, Base White with Box, Base Yellow Ball, Bird no box, Elephant no Box, Gray no base no BOX, Gray Whale n BOX, Gray Whale no base, gray with Box, Red ball no base, White no base no box, White Whale n BOX, white Whale no base, White With Box, Yellow Ball no base